Economic Crime Unit


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Simple Demand Letter


Bad Check Complaint Form

Each check you refer to our office must be accompanied by this form. COMP1

Affidavit of Service Form

Affidavit of Service by mail is used when the demand letter is sent regular mail not certified.

Requirements to File


1. The transaction must take place within one of the following Counties within the 15th District; Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Lamar, Marion, or Pearl River.

2. All worthless checks must be stamped:
Insufficient Funds or Account Closed

3. Checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED if they are stamped for any reason other than insufficient funds or account closed.
For example, checks stamped:

  • Stop Payment
  • Uncollected Funds
  • Refer to Maker
  • No Such Account (usually counter check)


  • You have accepted partial payments on the check
  • The check was postdated or you agreed to hold the check
  • The check is payable to someone other than the complainant (two party check)
  • The check was given in payment of a loan or on account
  • Forgeries (all forgeries should be forwarded to law enforcement agency for other prosecution)

5. Prior to filing, a statutory demand letter must be sent out by regular mail or by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address. The check writer must be given (15)fifteen days from receipt of your letter to make the bad check good.

6. If the certified letter (notice) is returned undelivered, no waiting period is required and you may file a complaint at that time. If notice is sent by regular mail, an affidavit must be sign.

7. A worthless check complaint must be filed in our Office for each check you wish to submit to the District Attorney.

8. If, after filing a Complaint with the District Attorney, you wish to withdraw the complaint for good cause, Mississippi Law requires that you pay a fee of Thirty Dollars ($30.00) to the District Attorney for processing such complaint.

9. When the Economic Crime Unit succeeds in collecting the check, you will be reimbursed the full-face amount of the check plus a $40.00 service fee on any check written on or after July 1, 2004.


You must bring or mail the following when presenting a complaint to the District Attorney’s Office:

  • Original check
  • Completed complaint form
  • Affidavit of service by mail (if letter was sent out regular mail)
  • Proof of certified mail – either the signed return receipt request card or the returned unclaimed certified envelope

Mailing Address

15th District Attorney
Economic Crime Unit
500 Courthouse Square, Suite #3
Columbia, MS 39429

Contact personnel for the unit:
Tabitha Nelson

Bad Check Sign

You can request a Bad Check sign for display in your place of business to deter check writers who might be tempted to pass a bad check.

Bad Check Sign

Know Your Rights as a Victim

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