Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis Court

Circuit Court Terms

2nd Monday of March, one (1) week

Judge Prentiss Harrell
Grand Jury to be impaneled

1st Monday of April, two (2) weeks

Judge Tony Mozingo

4th Tuesday of April, two (2) weeks

Judge Claiborne “Buddy” McDonald

3rd Monday of August, two (2) weeks

Judge Prentiss Harrell

1st Tuesday of September, two (2) weeks

Judge Tony Mozingo

3rd Monday of October, one (1) week

Judge Claiborne “Buddy” McDonald
Grand Jury to be impaneled

(These Court Terms are set by the Judges and are subject to change each year.)

Grand Jury Orientation

Thank you, the citizens of Jefferson Davis County for taking time from work and family to serve on the Grand Jury. Click Here to learn about serving on a Grand Jury.

Law Enforcement

Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Office

Ron Strickland, Sheriff
P. O. Box 339
Prentiss, MS 39474
(P) 601-792-5169

Prentiss Police Department

Joe Bullock, Chief
P. O. Box 1344
Prentiss, MS 39474
(P) 601-792-5198

Contact Info

Office of the 15th District Attorney
500 Courthouse Square, Suite 3
Columbia, MS 39429

(P) 601-731-1476
(F) 601-731-1489

Staff Assigned

Assistant District Attorney

Reginald “Chip” Lewis (View Bio)

Assistant District Attorney

Carpenter Marsalis (View Bio)
Assigned to Violence Against Women Cases


William “Ben” White

Victim Services

Lauren  Robertson
Click Here for Victim Services

Bad Checks & Pretrial Administrator

Tabitha Nelson
Click Here for Bad Checks

Litigation Support

Samantha Farlow

Services We Provide

  1. We prosecute criminals who commit felony crimes. These are crimes of a serious nature such as murder, robbery, rape, child molestation, drugs, burglary and other crimes for which people can be sent to the state prison system.
  2. We give legal advice to law enforcement agencies.
  3. We conduct educational programs for schools, religious, and civic groups on criminal topics.
  4. We handle bad check cases. Click Here
  5. We provide assistance to victims of crime. Click Here
  6. We assist other law enforcement agencies in the investigation of complex crimes or crimes of an extremely serious nature.

Services We Do Not Provide

  1. We can not give you legal advice on civil (Non Criminal) and divorce cases. This is prohibited by law.
  2. We can not recommend an attorney or bail bondsman to you.
  3. We do not normally prosecute misdemeanor cases (Less serious criminal cases) handled in municipal or justice court. The city or county prosecuting attorney prosecutes these cases.
  4. We do not write letters asking for people to be released from prison or have their sentences changed.
  5. We do not give oral or written opinions to private citizens on whether or not it is legal to do a particular thing. You must consult a private attorney for that advise.

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